The Most Recent Ukrainian Technical Achievements

The Most Recent Ukrainian Technical Achievements

On the 24th of August, all Ukrainians celebrate the most significant and major day in our country – Independence Day of Ukraine! This year we turn 27!

For the time being, we have passed a long way in economic, political and technical areas, accomplishing many achievements that changed our lives for the better. With every year this list is supplemented with new innovations that we are proud of. So, in this post, we decided to introduce them to you, and tell more about the recent Ukrainian tech novelties!

Monobank Internet Banking Launching

Monobank - the first Internet bank in Ukraine

Monobank, the first Ukrainian Internet bank that doesn’t have average banking offices, was established in 2017. The only thing you need to become their client and receive a card is to register in the mobile app and take photos of your passport and identification code.

Monobank made the registration procedure easier, reducing it to 10 minutes, instead of lengthy clearance in banks. Also, it offers the most profitable rates on withdrawal of funds, credit use and cashback over against the other banks in Ukraine. The support is provided via the most popular messengers: Viber, Facebook, and Telegram. Furthermore, this Internet banking system stepped up big and shaked Ukrainians to the core, thus it won in the nomination of “The best Ukrainian FinTech startup” of PaySpace Magazine Awards prize 2017.

Apple & Android Pay Launching

In 2018 Apple Pay was officially launched in Ukraine by one of the most popular banks, PrivatBank. If you are a client of any Ukrainian bank that supports iPhone devices you can employ this innovation at its best (e.g., pay in stores just by bringing mobile phone to the terminal with NFC module). The only thing you need to explore the beauty of the technology is to add your existing cards to Apple Wallets in the PrivatBank’s mobile app.

Unlike Apple Pay, Android Pay came to Ukraine a year earlier, in 2017. The system works following the same principles of contactless payment, but your phone should have KitKat 4.4 and higher versions, as well as support NFC technology. It worth mentioning that such technologies require a certain infrastructure, and our banking system was ready to accept updates and ensure the use of convenient and modern technology. We should note, that Ukraine was technologically ready to work with this systems and it, once again, confirms the great tech development of our country.

UNIT.City Innovation Park Opening

Last year, K.Fund fund announced the creation of the innovative park UNIT.City in Kiev. It is a huge territory of former motorcycle factory, rebuilt in accordance with modern high-tech trends, where now three laboratories (blockchain, prototyping, and VR/AR), seven accelerators, two innovative programming schools, coworking center and different companies are located. This park is an ideal place for the residence of tech companies, startups, R&D centers, digital media, educational initiatives in the fields of technology and design, etc. On the territory of the park there are cafes, gyms, parking, charging stations for electric cars and sports ground. It is expected that UNIT.City will occupy 500,000 square meters until 2025 and will unite more than 15 thousand qualified specialists and around 3000 of UNIT Factory students under its roof.

ProZorro.Sale Launching

The new electronic trading system ProZorro.Sale was launched in 2017 and built on a bedrock of the public procurement portal ProZorro. The system ensures the transparent, quick and effective selling of state and communal property, preventing corruption due to open faced control of public sales. Through ProZorro.Sale the property of insolvent banks is being sold, also the property of large state-owned enterprises and central executive authorities are being leased. In the system, anyone can buy put up for auction transport, residential real estate, non-residential real estate, industrial property, ground sections, computer and office equipment. Every day, this Ukrainian pacing technology creates comfortable and transparent conditions for competition and accessibility to ensure the effective sale of state property, as well as, prevents monopoly and corruption.

Uber Opened Central and Eastern Europe Main Office in Kyiv

In December 2017, world famous taxi ordering service Uber, that works in more than 460 cities in 77 countries, opened its Central and Eastern Europe headquarter in the Ukrainian capital city, Kyiv. Now, the new office serves Ukraine, Poland, Lithuania, Romania, Estonia, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. It was a surprise for many people, as the new taxi service launched in Ukraine only the year earlier in 2016. But, according to one of the general managers, Ukraine became one of the fastest growing and successful countries for Uber. Also, in 2018 company is planning to develop the region and double the number of employees in Ukrainian office.

Redwerk Launched SpamHound and CallHound Antispam Mobile Apps

Along with other Ukrainian achievements, Redwerk also made its contribution to the development of technology. Our team released two great antispam mobile apps SpamHound – SMS Spam Filter, and CallHound – Unwanted Calls Block. Every day these tools protect thousands of users all over the world from spam SMS messages and calls. Thanks to creative concept, design and broad functional, these apps are useful, easy to use systems that filter all unwanted content coming in to the user’s device and helps him to get rid of spam effectively. Also, SpamHound was presented at the largest American conference Collision’18 in New Orleans as Alpha startup!

As you can see, the Ukrainian tech industry is smooth sailing and continuously expanding its borders, so it’s not surprising that Ukraine ranked first on the list of IT outsourcing markets in Eastern Europe. If you seek qualified professionals in software development, testing or design services, we can offer our best resources for the best result.

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