Front-End Style Guides: Komponenten, Spezifikationen, Definition

Have you ever built a website that looked amazing in your head but somehow ended up looking like Frankenstein’s monster when you put it all together? Yeah, we’ve all been there. And it happens to mature businesses, too. Over time, your website or app evolves, but with each update, inconsistencies creep in.

Python Codeüberprüfungs-Checkliste von Redwerk – Alle Schritte inklusive

You’ve just received a Python project – maybe from a vendor or your internal team – and they assure you it’s well-written. But blind trust rarely works with code. To verify it’s solid and secure, you need a professional code review.

9 Zeichen des Universums für Softwareentwicklung

Let the skeptics raise their eyebrows higher than a server load during Cyber Monday. Allow us to unveil the signs from the Universe. Let’s decode the cosmic messages that reveal what software development services you need.

Top Technologie-Events in 2024: Ultimativer Leitfaden für das 2. Quartal

Hey there everyone! It's become quite the tradition around here. Redwerk has handpicked some of the best developer conferences and festivals worldwide. Visiting the biggest tech events isn't just about obtaining new skills – it’s about making new friends, getting fresh ideas, finding inspiration, boosting your confidence, and exploring new places, just to name a few.

App-Entwicklung für Essenslieferungen: Geschäfts- und technische Aspekte

Building a delivery app is a viable and lucrative venture because it brings multiple benefits to consumers, restaurant owners, and entrepreneurs who created those food ordering apps. Consumers enjoy the convenience and a broad choice of cuisines conveniently grouped in a single solution. Restaurant owners increase the exposure of their brand, increase customer loyalty, and

Code Review Checklist from Redwerk – All Steps Included

Ever wondered if your IT vendor did a good job and built a high-quality app? It’s easy to verify it with an independent code review. Code reviews conducted by external experts bring a fresh and unbiased perspective on your product’s quality. They scrutinize the code purely on merit, uncovering issues internal teams might miss.

Recruitment App Development – Features and Costs

Recruitment will always be top of mind for businesses of any size. But hiring and retaining talents takes a lot of work. Recruitment software can ease this burden by bringing order and automation to the hiring process. With the growing demand for recruitment software (projected to reach $3.5 billion by 2030), there’s a clear opportunity for innovative solutions in this market.

The Best Metaverse Business Ideas for 2024

It’s 2024, and the metaverse is officially dead, or is it? For sure, the concept was overhyped and didn’t leave up to its countless promises. Does it mean there are no profitable use cases left in the field? Absolutely not. Actually, technologies lying at the core of metaverse solutions, such as VR/AR, blockchain, and AI continue rapidly developing and open new business opportunities.

Top Tech Events in 2024: Quarter 1 Ultimate Guide

New Year’s resolutions often center around achieving new goals. What are your resolutions this time? If you’re reading this passage, you’re undoubtedly striving to become a better professional! So, start the year off on the right foot and build upon what motivates you.

IT Traveler with Carlos Sirias, CEO at Pernix Solutions

As a Ukraine-based company, we have a good understanding of how software development companies operate in our region. However, we were curious about business practices in other parts of the world. To explore this, we initiated interviews with successful CEOs and industry experts to gain fresh insights and share them with our readers.