Following the demand for software development technologies around the globe, we’ve chosen Belgium for our recent research. Belgium has one of the highest minimum wages in Europe and consequently prices for IT services are extremely high.

Cost reduction and focus on core business became the main drivers for offshore outsourcing. That’s why Belgian market for outsourcing continues to grow year by year.

In this infographics, we are sharing some interesting details on Belgian IT sphere and, as a good tradition, compare demand for the most popular technologies like PHP, Java and .NET to the proposition of the outsourcing world.

Software development technologies in demand in Belgium / infographic by Redwerk

Based on the following sources:

  • Belgium:,,,
  • Romania:,,,,
  • Colombia:,,
  • India:,,,,
  • Thailand:,,,,
  • China:,,,,,
  • Argentina:,,,,,
  • Russia:,,,
  • Ukraine:,,,,,

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About Redwerk

Having over 11 years of experience in providing custom software development services, Redwerk took part in various projects including e-government and SaaS solutions, startup concepts and even data mining tools. Our expertise in multiple technologies and approaches allows us to deliver software solutions with the best quality.

Projects We’ve Accomplished In Belgium


Green Valley BV in partnership with Redwerk developed e-government solution
Web Intake




Green Valley BV in partnership with Redwerk developed Cross-version Microsoft Word plugin



Business Momentum BV outsourced extending of open source ERP software to Redwerk
B-Orange ERP


Hear From Our Belgian Client

«Before knowing Redwerk, offshore was synonym to problems for me. But they changed my ideas about that. Their team is very service-oriented, punctual and to the point. Redwerk is always doing their best to meet our ‘impossible’ deadlines.» — Bart Waterlot, Product & Project Manager at Green Valley