Did you know that the oldest operating restaurant in the world St. Peter Stiftskeller was opened more than 1200 years ago in Austria? This country definitely keeps up with traditions. Besides that, it doesn’t leave education and knowledge aside. Austria is famous for its third place in the world by the number of Nobel Prize winners.

And what about IT industry? Paying attention to the fact that about one-fourth of the population of Austria lives in Vienna, it is not surprising that most of IT specialists are located exactly there and around 75% of overall turnover in the field of information technology is concentrated in this city. With the well-developed market economy and high quality of life in Austria, its information technology industry is growing fast, so the demand for specialists rapidly increases every year.

According to our traditional research, if you look at other Austria’s federal states, the technologies in demand varies, but it is impossible to leave aside the growing demand on Java and .NET development. We also compared these statistics with the world outsourcing tendentious, and as usual, showed it in the bright infographics.

Software development technologies in demand in Austria / infographic by Redwerk

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