Beyond being the homeland of Nokia, how much do you know about IT in easternmost Scandinavian country?

Well, lets see. Finland boasts the tech and startup scene rise in the recent years. And a growing number of digital companies needs a constant increase of qualified specialists.

Finland displays a steady trend in the growth of offshore outsourcing software development projects the past few years. Like in most European countries, the primary drivers of outsourcing in Finland are cost saving, capacity and flexibility increase. Small and medium business choose offshore teams to achieve.

In the recent research, we are happy to share some in-depth details on Finish IT sphere and compare demand for the most popular platforms like and Android and iOS and technologies like Python, Ruby and Scala and .NET to the proposition of the outsourcing world.

Software development technologies in demand in Finland / infographic by Redwerk company

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About Redwerk

Redwerk has years of practice in outsourcing Java development to the world-leading companies such as Green Valley, Worldnow, and Universal Music Group. Also, we have a great experience in creating web applications applying the best technologies of JavaScript software development as AngularJS and Node JS. In today’s world there are many approaches to realize the same task in different ways, and Redwerk experts always helps their clients to choose the right and the most appropriative solution. Therefore, if you need to create a dynamic website or sophisticated web application, you can outsource .NET development to Redwerk team or the best implementation of your projects.

Projects We’ve Accomplished In Finland

Light-weight native Windows system service


Hear From Our Finnish Client

«…With RedWerk’s help, we wrote and tested five key data recorders in C/C++ that had minimal overhead while recording all the important Windows operating-system metrics. Testing was a very important part of this project. Our data recorders are required to run for weeks without introducing any additional load on the systems being measured and they need to run very reliably without human intervention. The testing confirmed that these goals were achieved.
Consequently, we released the first version of our data recorders as part of a free open source distribution that is now available to interested parties in the performance monitoring community.
Thank you RedWerk for your contribution and dedication during this project.»
— Stefan Parvu, Lead System Engineer SDR Dynamics Oy

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