Technologies In Demand In Portugal

The borders of Portugal has not changed since 1139, and this country has much to be proud of. It is always associated with the famous travelers like Ferdinand Magellan, Vasco da Gama and Bartholomew Diaz, the oldest bookshop in the world, the largest bridge in Europe, and also one of the oldest cities in the world and, at the same time its capital – Lisbon.

Besides that Lisbon is fascinating with its beauty, over the recent years it has become one of the fastest growing tech hubs in Europe, as well as a creative and technological startup center, someone even calls it “California of Europe”. Since 2016, the largest technology conference Web Summit has been held here to bring together over 70 000 attendees from all over the world. We are proud to claim that we have twice taken part in this event, and are not about to break off a tradition. That is actually one of the reasons of our escalated interest towards Portuguese demands for technologies, since this conference is being considered as a starting point for IT industry stream development in Portugal, and now such technology giants as Google and Amazon, and also major players in the global startup scene are flocking to the Portuguese capital.

Let’s see what technical resources they will receive in Portugal and its regions. We prepared an interesting infographics with the detailed statistics of the technologies in demand and some stunning facts about this beautiful country.

Software development technologies in demand in Portugal / infographic by Redwerk

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