Startup weekend Berlin

Here at Redwerk we do believe that technology and innovation not only help in reaching business objectives, but they are also powerful forces for solving social and environmental problems we face every day. Let us tell you about a great event that is going to take place in Berlin on March, 20-22 – The Startup Weekend Social Innovation – which is oriented at sharing ideas about social purposes that can be reached by means of technology and bringing these ideas to life.

About The Event

Indeed, people do have lots of ideas in this respect and unfortunately most of these ideas just remain ones without any chance to be brought to reality. Why? People just start asking questions. “How do I start this project?”, “Who is going to help me?”, “Is it possible to do this without a technical background?”, “What if I fail?”, “Where do I get money?” – loads of them.
The event we are talking about will help to get answers to these questions, meet investors, potential co-founders and get more confident about your idea and your future project. The event format is very dynamic: you will be able to pitch your project and tell everyone present how it is going to help changing the world. After everyone had an opportunity to speak the best projects will be chosen and you will be able to form a team around your idea.


Each project team gets its individual coach who will help you with business prototyping, business model, coding, designing, and even market validation. Our CEO – Konstantin Klyagin – will be one of these coaches helping promising social startups to succeed. And probably he will be coaching your project team if you decide to join this marathon!
Konstantin has been in programming since he was 6, that’s why he can answer any question you may be having regarding any stage of project development. Being a head of Redwerk for 10 years he’s been supervising the development of such amazing startup projects as Linktiger, Pagefreezer and also a bunch of e-government projects that are still bringing lots of good to the society they are serving.

Global Movement

Actually The Startup Weekend Social Innovation is not just an ordinary event, it is a global movement called The Startup Weekend Change Makers. Its purpose is to build and connect strong communities of social entrepreneurs and leaders around the world. Everyone can be a change maker nowadays and Redwerk’s team is proud that our CEO is taking part in this inspiring initiative.

Event Summary

Friday, March 20 – 22, 2015
Event starts at 5:00 pm

Impact Hub Berlin
Mittelweg 50
Berlin, Germany 12053

How It Was

It’s been a great catch up with a lot of creative ideas, productive team work and fun. Here is a quick video tour on what we’ve been up to at Startup Weekend Social Innovation. Enjoy and many thanks to the guys from Impact Hub Berlin for organizing this exciting workshop!

About Redwerk

Redwerk is an outsource software development company with 13 years of experience. Our team has completed more than a hundred projects for media, entertainment, E-commerce, E-health, data mining, business automation and game development industries. We specialize in startup software development services for clients in Europe and the USA. Our goal is to provide stable, highly acclaimed and high-quality products within the deadline and for a fair price. As an offshore software development company, we have helped a lot of companies realize their creative and ambitious ideas in a form of an application, website or a service.