Open Air For IT People

In July Berlin welcomed one of the largest summer conferences – Tech Open Air 2017. This unique festival gathers thousands of representatives of science, technology, music, and art in a huge annual event. For several years already, the venue for the TOA is the former East German radio station Funkhaus Berlin.

The conference is a great place to catch informal learning sessions from the best representatives of technology and art, share the experience and get new ideas how to change the world for the better. Though the first TOA festival was organized through crowdfunding only, it grew into a great event that attracts people from various industries.

For these few days in July, Berlin turns into a technology center where you can create, learn, network and visit other events throughout the city. Redwerk gladly joined this exciting festival and spent an unforgettable three days at TOA.

The Conference

Speeches took place both inside numerous rooms and spaces and outside, on the river bank. The conference attendee list counted more than 20,000 participants and about 200 speakers.

The Exhibition

The largest space at TOA was the Haus of Tech arena with the booths of leading companies and promising start-ups. As exhibitors, Redwerk team spent two busy days of never-ending networking and talks, gave out all the spinners we brought as a handout and met some amazing people.

Who we met at TOA


TOA exhibition attracted the wide variety of different online platforms: client and business oriented, startups and established companies.

  • Sensorberg – IoT platform that connects physical sensors with digital environment
  • – software testing platform
  • Zapfloor – management platform for flexible workspaces
  • Bunch – platform for scaling culture and hiring people that fit your team
  • ResearchGate – platform for advancing researches
  • Coplannery – platform for the planning & construction industry
  • FundingBox – platform to join tech-related communities and win public funding
  • Practix – lead generation platform for personal training
  • Endorsed – a fast hiring platform
  • Companisto – entrepreneurship community
  • B2Book – B2B platform for vacation rentals
  • Auto1-Group – platform to buy and sell cars
  • BridgeMaker – B2B tech ideas developing
  • Tobii Pro – wearable eye tracker
  • DCMN – growth solution provider for digital brands

Mobile Apps

The The fastest growing mobile industry offers hundreds of new applications to users around the world, to make their routine easier and life brighter. Look at these awesome apps we found at TOA?


Digital services and SaaS are flourishing these years; they cover more and more aspects of our work and leisure. Any tech show wouldn’t be complete without a handful of groundbreaking services and technologies:

  • Inellipse – flexible offshore, onshore and near-shore resourcing services
  • WPengine – best-in-class WordPress hosting
  • Lumind – a visual reminder for diabetics
  • Stormcast – unlimited cloud storage
  • deepstreamHub – a cloud for synchronizing persistent data
  • Onwrks – digital tools for wind turbine data management
  • XapiX – APIs search tool
  • Rehality – reabilitation with the help of VR
  • N2 Nolla – small boutique product design agency and incubator
  • Fidor Bank – online banking
  • Simplioffice – co-working network in Germany

The Results

During the days spent at TOA, Redwerk team was surprised by the scale of the conference and inspired by the atmosphere. Among the thousands of students, representatives of companies, startups, art critics and technologists, we have found customers, partners, and ideas for development. And after days of learning and networking, closing party was an excellent opportunity to relax and enrich memories about TOA with one more bright moment.

About Redwerk

Redwerk is a programming outsource company providing services across the globe. As a desktop application development company, we help various industries to digitalize their business. On the other hand, being a mobile application outsourcing agency, we assist in bringing companies to modern presence standards.