10 Top Tech Events Of Quarter 4 2017 You Should Visit / Ultimate Guide by Redwerk

Redwerk team hopes that you spent some quality time during the summer months and now we suggest you to boost the autumn productivity and attend the brightest tech conferences of 2017. Taking part in the conferences, you will certainly get new acquaintances, create opportunities, find new partners and just enjoy the atmosphere of informal communication.

List Of Top Tech Events 2017 Ultimate Guide by Redwerk, Part IV

Redwerk team hopes that you spent some quality time during the summer months and now we suggest you to boost the autumn productivity and attend the brightest tech conferences of 2017. Taking part in the conferences, you will certainly get new acquaintances, create opportunities, find new partners and just enjoy the atmosphere of informal communication.

Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit

Vanity Fair New Establishment Summit,October 2-4, 2017, Los Angeles, USA

If you want to see live and listen to the reports of world-famous personalities like Donna Langley, Adam Neumann, and even Kevin Hart, The New Establishment Summit opens its doors for you. This event is a two-day informative programming intensive accompanied by the final unofficial cocktail party, where participants are surrounded by the famous representatives of technology, arts, media, politics and business fields.

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South Summit 2017 in Spain

South Summit,October 4-6, 2017, Madrid, Spain

South Summit was founded in the times of Spanish crisis to draw the attention of entrepreneurs and accelerate the economic recovery. Today finally it is reclassified to conferenсe dedicated to innovation. Thanks to South Summit, along with reports from 200 speakers and business meetings, innovative entrepreneurs can find support from the announced 650 potential investors.

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Deep Learning Summit in Montreal

Deep Learning Summit Montreal,October 10, 2017, Montreal, Canada

At the Deep Learning Summit 2017, the prominent speakers will perform reports on a variety of topics ranging from healthcare to pattern recognition. Much attention will be paid to the issue of optimizing the business and expanding the business connections with industry leaders and influential people. If you are a business owner, director or supervisor, a visit to the Deep Learning Summation will be the most beneficial for you.

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GitHub Universe in San Francisco

GitHub Universe,October 10-12, 2017, San Francisco, USA

GitHub Universe for the third consecutive year chooses an unusual venue in San Francisco for the conference – Pier 70, which is a historic shipbuilding and renovation complex. Three days of lectures from leading IT professionals and the GitHub team as well as thematic events for developers around the city are waiting for you.

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New York TechWeek

New York TechWeek,October 16-20, 2017, New York City, NY

Techweek acts as a platform for showcasing local innovation in a gathering comprising of established tech-industry heavyweights and future leaders in a number of tech hubs. Techweek runs 5 days of various events with a climax 2-day conference and technology expo.

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NYVR Expo in New York City

NYVR Expo,October 26-28, 2017, New York City, NY

NYVR Expo is for everyone fond of virtual and augmented reality technologies and how they can impact lives now and in the nearest future.

You will see the very latest in VR/AR technology from numerous manufacturers, suppliers, and VR/AR applications including giants like Facebook 360 and countless promising startups.

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Redwerk team is going to attend both Tech Week and NYVR Expo, so if you want to have a chat and discuss some ideas – let’s meet. Don’t hesitate and throw us a line, for sure, we will find ways to cooperate.

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Techonomy in Half Moon Bay

Techonomy,November 5-7, 2017, Half Moon Bay

Techonomy 2017 is devoted to the theme of the aftereffect of modern trends such as artificial intelligence, robotics and the Internet of Things. In the present time, it is important to realize how technology will evolve in future, what are their facilities and risks. The conference brings together scientists, company leaders, politicians from around the globe to discuss these global issues in the format of interviews and short and in-depth conversations.

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Web Summit in Lisbon

Web Summit,November 6, 2017, Lisbon, Portugal

Here we go again!

For the second time Web Summit invites you to warm and beautiful Lisbon to attend the biggest tech party on this side of the ocean. Tending to exceed the last year’s success, Web Summit team is preparing to meet around 90 000 attendees in the enormous venue with even more tech speeches, surfing summits and bar crawl.

Redwerk team visited the summit last year and brought back many fabulous ideas, new acquaintances, and partners. Web Summit is an ideal place for those who interested in technologies and startups, that’s why we decided to attend it this year too. See you there!


Redwerk is not going to miss it, so if you have something to discuss or want to meet us in person, just make an appointment!

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DX Summit in Chicago

DX Summit,November 13-15, 2017, Chicago, IL

Digital Customer Experience (DX) Summit 2017 is dedicated to the world of digital technologies and is filled with educational sessions, technological demonstrations, and networking. This event will help to learn more about recent researches and problems of the digital tech market from the forwarding representatives of the sphere. Here, you can easily share experiences, bold ideas and contact digital specialists from CMOs to CDOs.

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Tech Up For Women in New York City

Tech Up For Women,November 14, 2017, New York City, NY

Tech Up for Women gives women the possibility to realize themselves and successfully compete in the technology area. The conference will cover topics of new technology achievements, cyber security and various financing areas for startups and private companies. The one-day event aimed at balancing the gender inequality in the IT industry through the increase women specialists.

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XLIVE 2017 in Las Vegas

XLIVE 2017,December 10, 2017, Las Vegas, NV

At the bright XLIVE conference that unites together the leaders in music, sports, cinema, technology and brands you will be able to explore the latest trends and shape your own vision of the future in the particular industry. In addition to the sessions dedicated to solution providers presented at the festival, events in the field of eSports, exhibition bureaus, there will be submitted music festivals, sports competitions, film festivals, and the wine and beer feast.

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TheNextWeb in Brooklyn

TheNextWeb,December 12, 2017, Brooklyn, NY

More than a thousand leaders of the digital industry will participate in the fifth TNW New York. The scale of the conference is surprisingly small because there will be only 220 round tables and nine reports from speakers on the consequences of new digital technologies for transforming your business. Visiting the exclusive TNW New York, you will find buyers and sellers, potential launch partners, advanced civic leaders and much more.

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Every quarter we present you the list of the best IT events around the world. Redwerk is a frequent guest on those we choose for our lists, so if you are planning to attend an event from this article, let us know, and we will be happy to meet in person!

Going to Web Summit in Lisbon this November?

Redwerk will be in attendance! Interested in setting up a meeting to discuss opportunities to work together? Contact us. We’ll see you there!

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