Top Technologie-Events in 2024: Ultimativer Leitfaden für das 2. Quartal

Top Tech Events
The Ultimate Guide by Redwerk
Quarter 2: April, May, June

Hey there everyone! It’s become quite the tradition around here. Redwerk has handpicked some of the best developer conferences and festivals worldwide. Visiting the biggest tech events isn’t just about obtaining new skills – it’s about making new friends, getting fresh ideas, finding inspiration, boosting your confidence, and exploring new places, just to name a few.

Whether you’re into software development, project management, or UI/UX design, attending top tech conferences can propel your career to new heights. It’s a perfect opportunity for founders to forge partnerships, increase brand recognition, and receive feedback on their products. So, grab your calendars and planning apps, and set aside a day or two for a super productive workcation!

CityJS, April 3-5, London, UK, hybrid

CityJS is a 3-day event born from the success of a monthly meet-up organized by four prominent JavaScript groups in London: Halfstack, JSMonthly, London JS Community, and London Node User Group.

Geared towards developers, solution architects, and tech enthusiasts, the conference offers a platform to stay abreast of industry innovations and the evolving landscape of JavaScript. CityJS boasts over 30 thought-provoking sessions, 6 workshops, and ample networking opportunities, fostering skill development and community interaction.

Speakers will delve into topics such as the latest developments in Nuxt 4, challenges in micro-frontends, advancements in Module Federation, core concepts and best practices in Angular, new Angular features, and Astro concepts.

Attendees can expect to gain insights into leveraging Nx and lightweight stores for architecture, modern CSS-in-JS for improved performance, Durable Objects, and fortifying Vue.js apps against security threats.

The event will be held at The Royal Geographical Society, one of London’s most iconic venues, conveniently accessible via the South Kensington and Knightsbridge underground stations.


  • 2 free workshops
  • From £200 + VAT, standard conference ticket (around $260)

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API Conference, April 8-11, London, UK, hybrid

The API Conference, organized by S&S Media Group, renowned for events like JAX London, BASTA!, and webinale, spans over four days and includes more than 25 sessions, workshops, and keynotes. Topics will revolve around Web APIs, API Design & Management.

Attendees can anticipate meeting top international experts from companies such as Amazon and Siemens. Presentations will cover topics like introducing lightweight API governance processes to businesses and international organizations, AI & API governance best practices, and essential areas of the API Design lifecycle.

Attendees will learn about the transformative capabilities of Azure API Management, the strategic importance of API Governance, and the use of pipelines to automate the API lifecycle.

Whether attending in-person or virtually, the API Conference offers a top-notch experience and great networking opportunities. Additionally, attendees will gain six months of access to video recordings of all conference days.

For those interested in getting to know the speakers personally, conference tickets with exclusive hotel deals are available. The event will take place at Park Plaza Victoria London hotel, conveniently located just two minutes from Victoria Station and within walking distance of major tourist attractions such as Buckingham Palace, Harrods, Westminster Abbey, and the Houses of Parliament.


  • From £629 + VAT, workshop day (around $805)
  • From £629 + VAT, conference day (around $805)

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Python + DS fwdays'24, April 20, Kyiv, Ukraine, hybrid

Python + DS fwdays’24 is a conference tailored for developers and engineers passionate about Python and Data Science. Hosted both in-person and online, the event will showcase Ukrainian and international experts in Python and Data Science.

Speakers will provide valuable insights into efficient debugging practices, particularly in cloud environments or within Kubernetes, and harnessing the combined capabilities of Large Language Models (LLMs) and Semantic Kernels.

Attendees will have the opportunity to explore best practices in MLOps and examine common challenges and their practical solutions in real-world production scenarios together with industry experts. By the conference’s conclusion, participants will gain confidence in discerning when subclassing enhances Pythonic code and when composition improves clarity.

Online ticket holders will receive a participation certificate for the Python + DS fwdays’24 conference, opportunities for Q&A sessions with speakers, engaging chats with both speakers and fellow participants, and access to recordings of all talks post-event. For those attending the live event, additional benefits include complimentary lunch and coffee breaks, as well as the chance to network face-to-face with speakers and other attendees.

Plus, a percentage of the ticket sales will be donated to humanitarian funds or trusted volunteers to support Ukraine. The conference will be held in Kyiv, the vibrant capital of Ukraine.


  • From 3 100 UAH, online ticket (around $80)
  • From 3 900 UAH, full ticket (around $105)
  • Here’s your 10% discount promo code: F8CDCFC64C

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Shift, April 23, Miami, Florida, USA, offline

Shift Miami is a highly anticipated spring conference uniting developers, tech enthusiasts, and industry experts in a one-of-a-kind atmosphere. Attendees have the opportunity to delve into the synergy of APIs and DevEx, boost their development workflows, address challenges, and build high-quality solutions.

The conference commences with a rooftop drinks reception on April 22, offering attendees the chance to network with speakers and partners before the main event. Due to limited capacity, interested individuals are encouraged to secure their spots in advance.

Day 1 of the conference features informative talks, during which attendees will learn how to fine-tune both commercial and open-source LLMs, as well as reduce friction with easy API documentation generation. Speakers will provide insights into standardizing local and remote development environments, the principles of DevOps, and the practical benefits of OpenAPI.

Day 2 focuses on workshops, offering attendees opportunities to discover new solutions, refine skills, and gain practical experience. Delegates are welcomed to explore the expo hall, network on outdoor decks with complimentary refreshments, and conclude the event with a fun afterparty.

The ticket includes breakfast, lunch, coffee, and beverages, in addition to the enriching experiences provided by the event. Shift Miami will be hosted at the Perez Art Museum, Miami’s premier contemporary art destination.


  • From $75, student pass
  • From $349, standard pass

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POST/CON 24, April 30 - May 1, San Francisco, California, USA, offline

POST/CON 24 is Postman’s largest API conference to date, welcoming CTOs, engineering leaders, software developers, testers, technical writers, DevOps engineers, and product managers engaged in API-related fields.

Day One of the conference is dedicated to hands-on workshops focused on testing, monitoring, scripting, and collaboration within the API landscape. Successful completion of these workshops earns participants a Postman badge, available in both physical and downloadable formats for sharing on social media platforms.

On Day Two, industry experts from renowned companies such as Postman, Clarifai, HubSpot, Zoom, Salesforce, and Siemens AG will deliver valuable insights on topics ranging from API design, prototyping, and testing to leveraging AI for API development and building robust testing systems.

Attendees can expect complimentary coffee, tea, juice, and snacks throughout the conference, as well as lunch served on both days. The event will culminate in an after-party featuring a live performance by six-time Grammy winner and multi-platinum recording artist T-Pain. The conference venue is the Hilton San Francisco Union Square.


  • $495, conference-only pass
  • $1195, all access pass

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CONF3RENCE, May 15-16, Dortmund, Germany, offline

CONF3RENCE is a leading global tech gathering, drawing over 6,000 attendees and featuring 350+ speakers to delve into the realms of Web3, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies, NFTs, Metaverse, and AI.

Attendees can expect a distinguished lineup of speakers representing pioneering organizations such as Google, MasterCard, Intel Ignite, Bosch, Mercedes-Benz, and Revolut, among others.

At CONF3RENCE, participants have the chance to explore the intersection of traditional economies and Web3 technologies, engage with industry influencers, forge valuable partnerships, and discover new leads.

Tailored tracks cater to diverse expertise levels, with sessions on Blockchain Basics, Blockchain Business, and Advanced Blockchain. The NFT track provides an in-depth exploration of Non-Fungible Tokens, while the Metaverse track offers insights into the future of digital interaction. The AI track aims to demystify Artificial Intelligence.

Join the event at Signal Iduna Park in Dortmund, where sports culture meets the limitless potential of Web3 technology.


  • From €149 + VAT, regular ticket (around $165)

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VivaTech, May 22-25, Paris, France, offline

VivaTech is among Europe’s best tech events, gathering startups, major corporations, tech leaders, and investors from around the globe. With over 11,400 startups ranging from early-stage to unicorns and centaurs, along with more than 2,600 investors representing VC firms, investment funds, and angel investors, it’s truly a startup paradise.

Focused on delivering a unique and valuable experience for all attendees, VivaTech has grown into Europe’s most popular developer event. Here, you’ll immerse yourself in the latest tech trends and explore cutting-edge innovations in AI, cybersecurity, and the metaverse.

Some of the most eminent people will take the stage of VivaTech 2024, including Emmanuel Macron, Elon Musk, and Dan Schulman, alongside experts from companies like Salesforce, Orange, Renault Group, L’Oréal, and Alibaba Group.

In the “Resilient Ecosystems” track, you’ll delve into how technology can bolster environmental resilience by minimizing our environmental footprint. Attendees will explore how AI will reshape the workforce, enhance societal inclusivity, and accessibility in the “Future Societies” track.

The “Internet & Democracy” track will address data protection and strategies for improving cyber resilience for both companies and individuals. On the “Creators’ Economy” stage, you’ll discover the latest trends shaping virtual and live entertainment landscapes. Startup Thursday is dedicated to key topics for startups, offering practical business insights and hands-on strategies.


  • From €210 + VAT, for startups (around $230)
  • From €475 + VAT, for attendees (around $520)

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NG Belgrade Conf 2024, May 23-24, Belgrade, Serbia, offline

NG Belgrade Conf 2024 is a premier Angular conference in the Balkans, welcoming 300 participants over 2 days to delve into the latest trends and proven methodologies in Angular development.

Kicking off with a Workshop Day on May 23rd, attendees will engage in comprehensive sessions exploring the fundamentals of the NgRx SignalStore through discussions, exercises, and code labs. Moving beyond basics, the workshop will cover advanced topics such as SignalStore plugins and architectural patterns ensuring code cleanliness, scalability, and robustness.

On the Conference Day, speakers will provide insights into the current state of Angular and its tooling infrastructure. They will delve into NgRx extensions, offering both pre-built and custom solutions, while dissecting core concepts, architecture, and the role of Angular signals in enhancing communication and application performance.

Throughout the conference, participants will gain insights into leveraging Nx and lightweight stores for architectural purposes. They will learn how Nx facilitates the creation, maintenance, and sharing of libraries, and develop an understanding of performance from a user-centric perspective, focusing on improving Core Web Vitals.

NG Belgrade Conf 2024 will take place at the Mona Plaza Hotel, conveniently located in the heart of Belgrade near all major city attractions, urban events, and cultural monuments.


  • From €135 + VAT, conference ticket (around $150)

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JSHeroes, May 23-24, Cluj-Napoca, România, offline

JSHeroes is an annual community-driven event held in Romania, gathering JavaScript and Web/Frontend enthusiasts worldwide. Now in its 6th edition, this non-profit conference offers a relaxed environment for attendees to engage in a single-track, two-day program.

Expect to meet professionals from renowned companies like Google and Apple, who will delve into various aspects of web development and JavaScript. Topics covered include design patterns, system architecture, web standards, and language advancements.

Participants will engage in discussions on how web standards enhance API mocking, the predictability benefits of utilizing signals in app development, effective bug diagnosis techniques, the intricacies of source maps formatting and data encoding, and the innovative fusion of JavaScript with accessible electronics for creating cost-effective wireless fire detection systems.

Stay updated on the complete conference agenda by visiting their website. JSHeroes 2024 is scheduled to take place at the Grand Hotel Italia, a prestigious five-star venue situated a brief 20-minute drive from Cluj-Napoca International Airport.


  • From €200 + VAT, regular ticket (around $220)

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ProductCon, May 29, New York City, USA, hybrid

ProductCon is a large-scale tech event showcasing the latest trends in the product industry. Hosted by Product School, the conference is located in the heart of New York City, one of the fastest-growing tech hubs in the United States.

Each year, ProductCon brings together over 2,000 product leaders in person and welcomes an online audience of over 10,000 attendees. It’s a must-attend event for senior product leaders, sr. product managers, directors of product, heads of product management, VPs of product, and chief product officers.

The lineup of speakers includes experts from innovative companies like LinkedIn, Netflix, Facebook, Amazon, Vimeo, and American Express. Attendees will explore the future of product management through a mix of keynotes and panel discussions designed to provide actionable insights on building outstanding products.

Whether you’re part of a startup or a Fortune 500 company, an individual contributor, or leading a team, attending ProductCon will revolutionize your approach to product development. You’ll leave with practical ideas that you can immediately apply in your company, as well as valuable new contacts who could become future customers or partners.

The full agenda is yet to be announced. On-site tickets grant access to the conference, refreshments, the official afterparty, and all the recordings and slides. For those unable to attend in person, free tickets are available to watch the conference live online.


  • Free online viewing
  • From $979, conference pass

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Dublin Tech Summit, May 29-30, Dublin, Ireland, offline

The Dublin Tech Summit offers 4 large stages, niche workshops, live podcasts, and unparalleled opportunities for tech education in Europe. With an audience exceeding 8000 enthusiasts, the summit delves into topics surrounding AI, Deep Tech, and Quantum Computing.

The session stage features some of the greatest minds representing the most forward-thinking companies, including Amazon, Apple, NASA, Pinterest, Microsoft, and UNICEF. Attendees can expect presentations spanning a wide range of topics: Blockchain & Web3, Deep Tech, Metaverse, VR & AR, AI & Machine Learning, Big Data, Cybersecurity, Digital Transformation 2.0, E-commerce & MarTech, and Fintech.

The workshop stage is dedicated to providing insights through demonstrations, presentations, and interactive Q&A sessions across various thematic areas.

The Dublin Tech Summit is exclusively an in-person event held at the Royal Dublin Society (RDS) in Dublin. Select keynote speeches will be made available for on-demand viewing online following the event.


  • From €335 + VAT, regular ticket (around $365)

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DevOpsCon, June 17-20, Berlin, Germany, hybrid

DevOpsCon is a 4-day tech event jam-packed with workshops, sessions, and keynotes, led by over 75 speakers from around the world.

Workshops delve into topics such as setting up and understanding GitHub accounts and workflows, Kubernetes deployment strategies, and accessing applications within Kubernetes. Participants will also explore cutting-edge AI technologies including Large Language Models, LangChain, LangSmith, and vector databases, and their transformative effects on software delivery and security.

Speakers will discuss the integration of AI into daily IT operations, introduce GitOps with Flux, and emphasize the cultivation of threat awareness, vigilance, and secure practices within organizational cultures. During the sessions, you’ll learn how ArgoCD can be used to implement GitOps, how to survive an operational cataclysm, how legacy application security works, and how KServe can be utilized for batch inferences.

The conference offers both on-site and remote attendance options. Remote attendees can watch HD streaming sessions from home and network virtually.

DevOpsCon will take place at the Maritim proArte Hotel Berlin, providing access to notable attractions such as Museum Island, the Reichstag, and the Brandenburg Gate, all within walking distance.


  • From €494 + VAT, 1-day pass (around $540)
  • From €1610 + VAT, 4-day pass (around $1755)

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TNW Conference, June 20-21, Amsterdam, Netherlands, offline

TNW is Europe’s premier tech festival, gathering international industry leaders, C-level executives, policymakers, product developers, startups, and investors in Amsterdam for two days of business, networking, and experience sharing.

With over 10,000 attendees, the event offers insights into the latest industry trends through keynotes, panel discussions, roundtables, workshops, and debates with industry experts. The “Ren-AI-ssance” track includes discussions on building resilient digital trust frameworks for the future and how the next generation is reshaping business.

The “Next in Tech” theme provides access to cutting-edge technologies such as Quantum, Extended Realities, IoT, and Web 3.0. The “Sustainable Futures” track shows attendees how to balance people, the planet, and products in a sustainable manner.

The “Finance Disrupted” track is designed for tech innovators shaking up the finance sector and for government officials figuring out how to regulate these new technologies. The “Pixels & Profit” theme showcases how advanced technologies are revolutionizing marketing, branding, and design.

The “Innovate” track highlights the significance of established corporations and startups joining forces, sharing insights, and paving a daring path forward together. Lastly, the “Venture” theme equips attendees with a toolkit for agile investment.


  • From €480 per ticket, group pass 15 – 20 (around $520)
  • From €800, business pass (around $870)

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Summing Up

That’s a wrap on top tech conferences 2024. Now it’s your turn to choose the ones that best fit your interests and needs. Redwerkers consistently attend knowledge-sharing events to enhance our expertise and sustain partnerships with international clients.

If you’re a founder searching for a reliable tech partner, consider hiring vendors from Ukraine. Rest assured, they’ll deliver on their promises and pleasantly surprise you with the products they create.

Partnering with Redwerk will help you succeed, so don’t hesitate to reach out and take the first step toward achieving your goals!

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