Sweden is the fifth largest, but second least populated country in Europe, with two-thirds of its territory covered with forests. It is home to the world-known companies, such as Spotify, Ericsson, H&M, Volvo, Electrolux, and the list goes on.

Swedish economic miracle

Sweden made an unbelievable journey from the agricultural economy towards digital society in half a century. If you wonder what factors contributed to this successful transformation, we have the answer. The starting points of this development, called the “Swedish economic miracle,” were the country’s natural resources – timber and ore, a number of ingenious inventions, and an ineradicable entrepreneurial spirit. The fruits of the Swedish economic growth were distributed for the benefit of the entire population, probably more evenly than in any other country. Sweden has become world-famous for its universal high living standards and the state-funded social security system – for all citizens and at all stages of their lives.

Open-minded, smart, and diverse

On top of that, Sweden is so open-minded that its official Twitter account had been run by ordinary citizens for seven years. Each person was chosen randomly so that diverse communities had equal opportunities to voice their concerns. Stockholm, Sweden’s capital, was chosen by representatives of 450 cities worldwide as the Smart City of 2019. The event was held in Barcelona, and it aimed to celebrate the latest innovations and transformation activities of the most progressive cities on earth.

One more exciting fact about Sweden is that with a Swedish passport, you can visit most countries on our planet without a visa. In Sweden, people have their own mobile payment system – Swish, which is tied to a phone number and bank account. Swedish people feel extremely comfortable with making non-cash payments through Swish.

What fuels our interest in Sweden?

Providing IT services to businesses all over the world, we are, of course, interested in countries that gather together the brightest engineering force. As far as Scandinavian countries and Northern Europe are concerned, we’ve prepared similar reports for Finland and the Netherlands.

Stockholm is often referred to as Europe’s “unicorn factory,” and we must admit, the city earned this title for a reason. It has spawned more billion-plus companies per capita than any other place in the world except for Silicon Valley. Obviously, such a prospering economy creates a decent demand for highly skilled IT experts. We decided to back up this assumption with a fair share of research, and here is what we found.

Software Development Technologies in Demand in Sweden

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