On the 30th of March Redwerk’s South Ukraine Office held our 6th Dev Meetup. This time we’ve chosen Python as the main course. Being one of the most popular programming languages in the world, Python offers huge variety of frameworks, libraries, and approaches and, due to its popularity, attracts IT-people from all around to anything connected with it.

Our Meetup wasn’t an exception. This event turned out to be the most visited and the most engaging among the others. Our Meetup spot was fully packed with developers, testers and project managers interested in Python insights. Gladly, Redwerk team together with the guest speaker were ready to share some really cool stuff.

Python Frameworks – Framework Battles
Dmitriy Podoprosvietov, Python Architect

Our guest speaker Dmitriy made a great start and warmed up visitors with an excellent introduction to Python Frameworks:

  • Django — the most popular Python framework that can be applied to almost anything.
  • Flask — so-called micro framework, using extensions instead of libraries and tools.
  • Chalice — fresh and promising Serverless Microframework for AWS.
Python Day at Redwerk, Photo 1
Python Day at Redwerk, Photo 2
Python Day at Redwerk, Photo 3

Concurrency And Parallelism In Python. AsyncIO Library
Dmitriy Vasilishin, Python Developer

Redwerk’s developer Dmitriy went deeper into Python jungles and shared valuable insights about concurrency and parallelism and offered hands-on experience in working with threads and processes.

Starting with basic notions, Dmitriy then turned to detailed schemes and mechanisms of Python interpreter. He also shared his recent research on a new, but gaining popularity AsyncIO library, it’s main functions and how things work with it.

Python Day at Redwerk, Photo 4
Python Day at Redwerk, Photo 5
Python Day at Redwerk, Photo 6

Automated Testing Frameworks On Python
Igor Babar, QA Automation Engineer

From development challenges we moved to testing processes, our QA Igor presented his report on automated testing, its goals, and advantages of creating test cases on Python. He also shared a number of testing frameworks and showed them in action.

Python Day at Redwerk, Photo 7
Python Day at Redwerk, Photo 8
Python Day at Redwerk, Photo 9

Not only speakers have done their job great, the audience was beyond appreciative! Every report was followed by lots of questions, additions, and observations.

Redwerk created Dev Meetup series to grow a community that shares experience, exchanges knowledge and discovers better ways of solving challenges through networking and learning from each other. And with every next event, we see that it was an awesome idea and we are on the right way!

Analyzing the results of the recent Meetup, we are proud to say that more and more people are gathering around the IT community and show interest in taking part at events both as attendees and speakers.

We hope every attendee had a great time and learned something new. We would be happy to see all of our guests at our future events!

About Redwerk

Redwerk is a custom software development agency founded back in 2005, that helps conceptualize, test, and launch software development projects to our customers in the USA, Canada, and EU. We offer a wide tech stack, including Java, Ruby, C/C++ and Python development services. Besides delivering quality software solutions, we continually improve our skills and share our expertise through networking and collaborations.

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