Redwerk’s Dev Meetup series: Anniversary

On July, 27 Redwerk’s South Ukrainian Office held the 10th Dev Meetup. For our anniversary event, we decided to do something very special and cool. First of all, we changed the place from conference hall to the rooftop. Then, adjusted speeches to outdoor. And last, but not the least, planned a party.

Speakers have done a great job and made their reports interactive and lively! The audience in its turn paid off with engagement and lots of questions. And after the meetup, we presented awards for loyal guests that attended our events more than four times and, of course, we talked, danced and had fun!

We are proud to say that our meetups are shaping the IT community in Zaporizhia – past visitors join the speaker’s lounge and attendance grows every month. The community keeps on exchanging experience, discovering new ways of solving development challenges and learning together.

From the first event we held to the most recent ones, we’ve done a lot to make everything work smoothly and without a hitch. Now we know for sure how many chairs we need, where to place the camera and how many bags of chips we can eat during the evening. That’s why we want to share some interesting stats about our events with you.

About Redwerk

Redwerk is a full-cycle software development agency founded back in 2005. Our skilled development team helps to create, test and maintain digital projects worldwide. Besides delivering quality software solutions, we continually improve our skills and share our expertise through networking and collaborations.