The Russian Federation declared war on Ukraine on Thursday, February 24th. Millions of Ukrainians in Kyiv, Kharkiv, Kherson, Sumy, Zaporizhia, and several other cities woke up to the sound of airstrikes. Everything we’ve been building, everything we’ve cherished, everything we aspired to have been put at risk of complete destruction by one ruthless dictator – Vladimir Putin.

We won’t stay silent. We’ll speak up and protect our homeland. And we encourage the rest of the world to #StandWithUkraine.

Our Stance on War

We want the war to stop, we want to live in peace, but we won’t let the Russian usurper deprive us of what is rightfully ours – our land and our right to choose how to live.

Here is what Redwerk Founder and CEO Konstantin Klyagin says in this regard:

From our end, we support Ukraine in the fight against Russian aggression in multiple ways:

  • Over 1 mln UAH was donated to the Armed Forces of Ukraine, and we continue donating funds to nonprofits.
  • We’ve joined the IT Army of Ukraine to stop the spread of fake news, Russian propaganda, and fight the aggressor on the cyber battlefield.
  • We support Redwerkers who joined the Ukrainian Territorial Defense units to protect the borders of their hometowns. We’ll keep paying them a salary for at least two more months.
  • Some of our teammates volunteer: supply food and water to bomb shelters and hospitals, provide accommodation for refugees, or help treat the wounded in hospitals.
  • Redwerk uses its communication channels to inform the global community about the heinous crimes Russia has committed and continues to do across Ukraine.
  • We ask our foreign partners for financial and humanitarian aid whenever we receive news such assistance is needed.
  • We expressed our readiness to global media to help them feature the real side of war in Ukraine.

Is Redwerk Team Safe?

Redwerk is a software development agency based in Ukraine. Our R&D centers are located in Kyiv and Zaporizhia, two cities the Russian armed forces are periodically attacking at the time of writing. As a remote-first company, our team is distributed, which means our employees have been scattered across Ukraine and abroad.

The Russian aggressive behavior forced many of us to relocate to safer areas as even civilian buildings, such as kindergartens, maternity hospitals, and apartment blocks are targeted by the Russian ballistic missiles. Living amidst the war, we can’t confirm that the entire Redwerk team is safe. As long as the war is going on, we are not safe!

While some Redwerkers are now in relatively safe regions, there are those who remain in major cities vulnerable to missile attacks and artillery blasts. We keep in touch with them 24/7 and look for ways to make their lives easier.

At the moment, we are staying connected, exchanging useful resources, and checking up on everyone daily to ensure each Redwerker is healthy, both physically and mentally.

Is Our Business Affected?

Yes, our business is affected big time. Nevertheless, starting from Monday, February 28th, we are gradually restoring our operations. While we fully support the armed struggle of Ukraine against the invaders, putting a person who usually sits at a computer into the battlefield is ineffective. Especially against their will, when the country has a well-trained professional military. We will do much more good while continuing to work to develop the economy and in cyberspace.

Those who have Internet access and can work continue working. At the moment, that is about 40 employees out of 70. This way we can support those who can’t or who chose to join the Armed Forces of Ukraine and volunteer units to defend our homeland.

We are immensely grateful for all the support and understanding we received from our clients. Regardless of the situation we are in, we want to be useful and continue doing what we do best – developing, refactoring, testing, and maintaining software.

Some of our clients offered to compensate those hours we couldn’t work because of relocating or seeking safety in bomb shelters. Others reassured us that they will continue to pay in full regardless of whether we work or not. Some supported us with a bonus for our previous work and commitment to their projects.

The response of the global business community and our partners is of tremendous importance for us. This is what keeps us cheerful, strong-minded, and dedicated to continuing our work no matter the obstacles on our way.

Apart from supporting Redwerk and its sister company QAwerk, our clients have made donations to the Red Cross of Ukraine and a range of other humanitarian programs of their choice. If you are willing to contribute but doubt the credibility of links and fund-raising resources in support of Ukraine, feel free to verify with us. We continue expanding our list of trusted resources for humanitarian aid for refugees and civilians stuck in bombed cities of Ukraine.

United We Stand

As many political experts noted, this is a full-blown war not only against Ukraine, but against democratic values, human rights, and peace. Therefore, the support of the global community is vital in stopping the Russian aggression.

Here you will find ways to help, links to credible media, links to trusted nonprofits, and accounts of Ukrainian government officials to follow.

Our Redwerk team stays united, resilient, and strong! We keep working with a calm mind, with an unwavering belief in our victory and the victory of the entire democratic world!

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to Heroes!