In anticipation of one of the largest tech conferences in the world that takes place in Lisbon, we have prepared a guide for those who want not only to dive into the tech world with
Web Summit but experience the vibrant city’s bar scene too.

We’ve got you covered with the list of the best bars in Lisbon that our Redwerk team has enjoyed visiting while attending one of Europe’s largest tech events. We carefully tasted wines, ports, beers, and cocktails in these places to present our bar mile to you here.


This rooftop bar is known among Web Summit attendees as a place that hosts related events. Although finding it is a little tricky. You will have to go through EMEL’s parking lot, take the elevator up to the 6th floor, and walk up to the 7th floor to enter the place.

The terrace itself is filled with wooden furniture and potted plants and trees. The music ranges from Latin to jazz and DJ performances.

Redwerk note: Careful of who you talk to 🙂 Our CEO Konst has accidentally met President Trump’s digital media director Brad Parscale here.


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According to the six degrees of separation concept, everyone on the planet is
connected to each other in just six steps. By meeting Brad Parscale in Park skybar in #Lisbon
after #WebSummit we reduced the amount of steps we’re connected to the #USPresident #Trump to
just one. Word of mouth has been the biggest sales driver in #Redwerk’s business for over 12
years and Brad’s story is a great showcase of how far you can go when your customers trust you.
The reason why #DonaldTrump called Brad immediately after announcing that he is running for
president is because he relied on him for everything digital. Prior to that Brad’s company from
San Antonio, TX had been doing a great job making Trump’s real estate websites at a price that
no agency in New York could match. At Redwerk, we’re not afraid of small pilot projects, because
we know, as we build trust, people start giving us more business and even referring others to
us. Brad went from a $1500 website up to a $94 million electoral campaign. No matter what you
think about #Trump, this success is amazing. Thanks @PaddyCosgrave for bringing people like Brad
to the conference, and Lisbon for an outstanding #drinking culture.

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How to find:

    • Calcada do Combro 58

The Old Pharmacy Wine Inn

This wine tasting spot is located in a more than 100 years old pharmacy. Only the drugs are replaced with wine bottles in glass cabinets. You get to choose from more than 200 different wines and ports that can be ordered by the bottle or glass. The menu also offers cheeses and other snacks.

As for the ambience, the bar has an elegant look of an old pharmacy with vintage decor. The tables and chairs are made of old wine barrels. Overall, great wine combined with a friendly atmosphere make this place a necessary destination if you are in Lisbon.

Redwerk note: We enjoyed the tasting option and the variety of ports.

How to find:

    • Rua do Diario de Noticias 73-81

Red Frog

This speakeasy bar is for those who want to experience what the prohibition era was like. The interior reminds of a secret New York bar from the 20s — 30s with its bohemian lounge and the sounds of jazz, swing, and funk music.

The place has a great choice of cocktails. Besides, the menu is constantly changing, offering new creative drinks, including house-made bitters and tinctures. Some of the most unusual ingredients are patchouli, champagne reduction, and a cocktail onion.

The place has no sign, and the entrance is through a closed door. To get in, you have to ring the bell button under the red frog on the wall for someone to let you in.

Redwerk note: Our favorites are Old Crew, Umami Penicillin, and American Gangster.

How to find:

    • Rua do Salitre 5A


This place is for those who want to have a drink and chat with friends. Although the bar is located in the center of Lisbon, close to the Amoreira Garden, it’s kind of hidden in an old alley. Inside the place is quite dark with Art Nouveau decor and vintage lamps, and red velvet chairs.

The bar is located in a small courtyard, and has no sign. Just knock on the door to get inside.

Redwerk note: Beer from the local Letra brewery here along with a choice of Belgian beers.

How to find:

    • Alto de S. Francisco, 21 A (à Rua João Penha)

Pavilhão Chinês

When you walk inside this place, you may wonder if it’s a bar or a museum. This destination is worth visiting for its interior only. It has an incredible amount of different decorative objects from the 18th to the 20th century: paintings, ceramics, vases, toys, airplanes, medals, military artifacts.

The place is big with many rooms, including the one with billiard tables and darts. You can just walk around like in a museum, cocktail in hand. Unless you’re super persistent, one visit is not enough to admire the entire collection.

Redwerk note: We’ve enjoyed their craft beers that are served with popcorn.

How to find:

    • Rua Dom Pedro V, 89/91

The Garden – Rooftop

This bar is located on the roof of the Altis Prime Hotel, which means great views. You can have a drink and snacks while watching entertainment shows on TV or listen to a live DJ set. There are cocktails and straight drinks.

Redwerk note: Get a Raspberry Collins that comes in a lantern.

How to find:

    • Rua Castilho 11, Topo do Altis Grand Hotel

Pink Wine Point

This bar is located on the famous “Pink Street”. It offers a variety of wines, champagnes, and amazing cocktails that you can enjoy with tapas or toasts.

Redwerk note: Say hi to the owner, he’s always there. And he’s from Ukraine, just like us.

How to find:

    • R. Nova do Carvalho 29

A Ginjinha

This little outdoor shop is the most authentic place to get ginjinha — a famous Portuguese liquor made of cherries fermented in Brandy. It will cost you 1,40 euro for a generous pour and a couple of sour cherries in an edible chocolate cup.

Redwerk note: Stop by ATM first – they only take cash.

How to find:

    • Largo de São Domingos, 8

Rio Maravilha – Lx Factory

This gastronomic bar is located on the fourth floor of a building of the factory that once existed here. Rio Maravilha is a tribute to Rio de Janeiro and the Tejo River, which is reflected in vibrant colors of its decor.

Apart from a variety of drinks, the place offers lunches, dinners, and snacks. There are board games and live music, too.

Redwerk note: We love the views of the April 25 bridge from the terrace.

How to find:

    • Rua Rodrigues Faria, nº 103 – LX Factory | Entrada 3

Pensão Amor

This place used to be a brothel, which won’t surprise you when you see the decor inside. The rooms are themed and have original features, including sassy paintings on walls and ceiling. There is also a tented space, a furry room, and a sparkly pole dance room. Depending on the room you choose, you can listen to a DJ set or live jazz music.

Redwerk note: Drinks get more expensive after 10pm here.

How to find:

    • Rua do Alecrim, 19

Casa Independente

This discreet and chill bar is located in an old building. And the best part of it is the courtyard that looks like a little garden with mismatched chairs and plants everywhere. They also have great parties, organise music and theatre events.

Redwerk note: On Fridays and Saturdays, there is a DJ and an additional cocktail bar upstairs.

How to find:

    • Largo do Intendente Pina Manique 45

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