Top Tech Events in 2023: Quarter 4 Ultimate Guide

Top Tech Events
The Ultimate Guide by Redwerk
Quarter 4: October, November, December

Time flies so fast. It seems like quarter 3 has just started, but it has already come to an end. We hope this summer was filled with hotly discussed conferences, and that you enjoyed visiting some of them. Are you ready for another round of IT events that are an absolute must-visit? Here we go again!

We couldn’t skip the concluding quarter for the year 2023, so we’ve prepared another list of top tech events with detailed descriptions, pricing options, locations, and topics to be discussed. Let’s start the show!

Mobile DevOps Summit, October 4-5, virtual

The Mobile DevOps Summit is designed for mobile developers, software architects, QA engineers, and DevOps professionals, with a focus on delivering high-quality, high-performance mobile applications. It offers two days of learning with over 40 informative talks, including self-guided workshops, technical breakout sessions, and fireside chats.

Organizers anticipate more than 5000 participants from across the globe to join the event. Participating in the conference will provide them with valuable insights into the latest trends, tools, and techniques for Mobile DevOps best practices.

There’ll be talks discussing the connection between DevOps and mobile app development, the fundamental principles of Server Driven UI, the current possibilities and future potential of Kotlin, and the ways in which AIOps empowers Mobile DevOps teams to swiftly detect and resolve issues impacting app performance and user satisfaction.
Attendees will gain insights into practical aspects of app development, like modularizing apps with SPM (Swift Package Manager), expediting Swift code compilation, and leveraging web technologies through Capacitor to create mobile applications.

This is a fantastic opportunity – the event is absolutely free to attend! Seize the chances it offers, all from the comfort of your own home.


  • Free

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Intersection Conference, October 9-10, Turin, Italy, hybrid

The Intersection Conference is a design and development event, held both in person and online. It brings together UX and UI professionals from across Europe. The organizers have invited the Director of UX at Microsoft, the author of “The Service Organization”, and the Channel Manager Southern Europe at Atlassian.

For those interested in enterprise UX, generative AI and machine learning, design and development techniques, and fostering creativity, this conference provides an excellent platform for sharing knowledge. Intersection Conference attendees will learn how to identify the customer frustrations they never voice, how to design usable and thoughtful interfaces, and how Flutter and Atomic Design seamlessly integrate.

The conference sessions will highlight the transformation and relevance of the designer’s role, as well as practical strategies to incorporate automated testing data into UX design and development processes. There will be presentations showcasing successful examples of microfrontend applications and the introduction of a fresh DesignOps mindset aimed at achieving superior results.

Please note that the Workshop on October 9 will take place at OGR Torino, while the main Conference will be held on October 10 at Grattacielo San Paolo.


  • From €160 + VAT, regular conference ticket (around $170)

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Voxxed Days, October 11-12, Cluj, Romania, offline

The Voxxed Days Romania events in Bucharest, Iași, and Cluj are part of the larger Devoxx family. Devoxx hosts about 20,000 developers each year across various countries, including Ukraine, Poland, the UK, Belgium, France, Morocco, Greece, and 14 cities worldwide.

On October 11-12, the event will take place at the Grand Hotel Napoca in Cluj, situated near the city center. It includes a full day of workshops, a full conference day with keynote speeches, and a participant-driven meeting where attendees collaboratively decide on the agenda.

Renowned speakers, core developers of popular open-source technologies, and other IT experts will share their expertise on various subjects, including Java, cloud computing, architecture, data and AI, modern programming languages, and DevOps.

How to choose and tune the GC algorithms to influence the performance of your containerized Java app? How to secure your codebase? How can Micro-Mind Services help build advanced software systems? How can one protect their app with actionable remediation and best practices? What 5 libraries can you use as a Java Developer to enhance application quality? These questions will be answered at the upcoming conference.


  • From €150 + VAT, conference-only pass (around $160)

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UXDX EMEA 2023, October 11-13, Dublin, Ireland, hybrid

UXDX EMEA 2023 is a conference designed to bridge the gaps between product, UX, design, and development. Among the speakers are directors, UX designers, and heads from big names like Google, Glovo, Visa, and the LEGO Group. You can meet these experts in person at the Royal Dublin Society or participate in online sessions.

The pre-conference day, on October 10, kicks off with a complimentary walking tour of Dublin, where attendees will explore notable sites like Dublin Castle, Christchurch Cathedral, Temple Bar, and Trinity College. Additionally, organizers have arranged a historical Dublin run the day after the conference. This event offers an incredible opportunity to learn from industry leaders, connect with like-minded individuals, and broaden your horizons.

The conference agenda revolves around enhancing product, UX, design, and dev skills. After attending UXDX EMEA, you will gain a deeper understanding of customer needs, explore strategies to enhance collaboration between designers and developers, and embrace the challenges of AI.

Speakers will share insights on building successful digital product departments, managing career transitions, and various aspects of leadership. Attendees will find out how to build accessible visualizations, how a global gaming leader is embracing AI, how to design comprehensive marketing launch plans, and how to create scalable design systems.


  • From €379 + VAT for online attendees (around $400)
  • From €849 + VAT for in-person attendees (around $900)

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LibertyJS, October 12-13, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA, offline

LibertyJS is a JavaScript conference held in Philadelphia that brings together experts in Web and Cloud technologies.
At the event, you’ll have the opportunity to meet world-class professionals from GitHub, LinkedIn, and Google. The conference spans 2 days of networking at the National Museum of American Jewish History, featuring 26 sessions, workshops, and showcases.

By attending LibertyJS, you’ll gain valuable knowledge on collaborating effectively with GitHub’s features such as Discussions and Search, as well as enhancing functionality with JavaScript for optimal user experiences. You’ll discover how to simplify the transformation of your existing React app into a Micro Frontend architecture and explore the principles of building the LibertyJS VSCode extension.

JavaScript developers will also learn how to harness AI to elevate their personal projects and how to combine Cesium, Esri, and Google Photorealistic 3D Tiles to create compelling 3D geospatial visualizations. The keynote session will provide valuable insights on how to become the most productive developer within your team.


  • From $349, regular ticket

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LeadDev West Coast, October 16-17, San Francisco, California, USA, offline

LeadDev West Coast is a two-day conference for engineering heads, directors, VPs and CTOs. Organizers have gathered some of the industry’s top leaders working at Netflix, New Relic, Fastly, Apollo GraphQL, Zipline, and more to share their insights.

This year’s conference content focuses on achieving more with limited resources, developing agile and ambitious workflows, and leading effectively in challenging times. Attendees will learn how to respond quickly to a rapidly changing industry, discover the impact of AI-generated code on engineering teams, and explore how GraphQL principles and tools can provide practical advantages to their teams.

The sessions will go over how to avoid the feeling of sustained isolation while managing remotely, how to foster a sense of belonging in the team, how to build the right team, and how to win organizational support. Speakers will also discuss insights gained from using code review assignments to evaluate candidates for software engineering roles.

LeadDev West Coast will be hosted at the Oakland Marriott City Center, offering wheelchair accessibility and real-time audio captioning for all presentations. The ticket covers lunch, tea, coffee, and snacks throughout the day.


  • From $1599, standard ticket

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GITEX GLOBAL, October 16-20, Dubai, UAE, offline

GITEX GLOBAL is a large-scale tech event gathering founders, tech creators, investors, and enthusiasts from over 170 countries with the aim of advancing business, economy, society, and culture.

During this 5-day event, you can expect to engage with over 1400 speakers, attend captivating sessions, participate in hands-on workshops, connect through matched concierge networking, and establish business partnerships. The topics covered include generative AI, web 3.0, cloud and edge computing, cybersecurity, immersive reality technologies, applied AI, and advanced connectivity.

Speakers will showcase how to build and optimize CI pipelines, how blockchain and AI can revolutionize the fashion industry, how Web3 technologies can contribute to the global fight against climate change, how to create applications that can deliver lasting value, how SQL can be combined with Python, and how sustainable practices can have a positive impact on recruitment and retention strategies.


  • From 4000 AED + VAT, all access conference pass (around $1090)

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P99 Conf, October 18-19, virtual

P99 Conf is a free online conference created by engineers, for engineers, with a focus on building high-quality, fast-performing applications. Here you’ll learn from some of the brightest minds driving innovation at Google, Meta, Netflix, Twitter, Microsoft, and Red Hat.

As an attendee, you’ll have the chance to expand your understanding of a wide range of topics, including Rust, C++, Go, distributed databases, event streaming architectures, observability, Kubernetes, the Linux kernel, and much more.

At P99 Conf, you’ll discover how to enhance the startup performance of your Android apps by applying best practices and utilizing Android developer tools. The speakers will guide you in diagnosing more sources of delay and failure by building a more realistic and broad understanding of networked services.

During the talks, you’ll delve into seven key aspects related to data product SLOs and discuss the transformations that open source technology has undergone over the past decade. Leading industry experts will showcase how Netflix develops high-performance applications on a global scale.


  • Free

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AI Accelerator Summit, October 19, Boston, Massachusetts, USA, offline

AI Accelerator Summit is designed for developers, computer vision/AI/ML engineers, architects, data scientists, strategists, and project managers. It serves as a platform where leaders from major organizations and innovative startups gather with a shared goal: to develop, implement, and scale state-of-the-art AI systems.

For 2023, the crew has invited some of the most remarkable minds from Meta, Google, US Bank, Allianz Technology, and New Balance. AI Accelerator Summit will cover the latest advancements in healthcare, essential components of deployable AI, and best practices applicable to both hardware and software design.

Speakers will touch upon the challenges, expectations, and opportunities within the financial sector as AI applications continue to evolve. They will also address specific ethical concerns, including bias, discrimination, and privacy. Attendees will leave the event equipped with knowledge on how to construct a business framework to foster innovation and bridge internal AI literacy gaps.

The venue is a high-tech event space — Boston Marriott Copley Place.


  • From $495, startup pass

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CityJS, November 3, Berlin, Germany, offline

CityJS is an international community event focused on JavaScript frameworks, Node.js, TypeScript, testing, IoT (Internet of Things), Jamstack, continuous integration and continuous deployment (CI/CD), security, and WebXR.

Delegates will explore the design and development of the all-new React docs at, the newly released features in Astro 3, and common approaches such as polling, application-level updates, and pub-sub systems. They will also discover the vue-based meta-framework and the benefits it offers to developers.

How to leverage Playwright’s powerful capabilities to write reliable browser-based tests? How to achieve fine-grained reactivity? How to build an adaptive web app? If this sounds interesting to you, find out the answers at CityJS.

By becoming part of the community, participants have a chance to receive discounts, win free tickets, and be the first to enjoy various surprises. The conference will take place in person at MotionLab Berlin, a hub for hardtech innovation located in the capital city.


  • From €240, standard ticket (around $260)

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Big Data Conference Europe, November 3, Vilnius, Lithuania, hybrid

Big Data Conference Europe spans four days and centers around technical discussions in the fields of Big Data, High Load, Data Science, Machine Learning, and AI. The conference brings together developers, IT professionals, and users to discuss best practices and share experiences with each other.

The sessions will provide participants with a technical overview of AI Slides and the underlying artificial intelligence. The speakers will reveal the challenges posed by “black-box” models, the distinct stages of developing Apache Spark applications, and standard techniques like caching, volume stacking, sorting, and compression for building fast analytic applications. Participants will also learn about the key components of an MLOps platform.

By the end of the event, you will gain insights into how AI can accelerate and scale content creation, how to construct an analytics pipeline using Kafka, ksqlDB, and Apache Druid, what Apache Beam is and its capabilities, and how to harness stream processing techniques for consuming CDC (Change Data Capture) and executing continuous queries in real-time.

To learn more about the topics to be discussed, visit the event’s schedule on their website, where you’ll find over 60 informative talks. That’s truly impressive! The 7th edition of Big Data Conference Europe is expected to welcome over 1000 enthusiasts at Multikino, situated in the Ozas shopping center in Vilnius.


  • From €680 + VAT, 3-day online/offline ticket (around $730)

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Web Summit, November 13-16, Lisbon, Portugal, offline

Web Summit is a massive tech event that has been bringing together more than 70,000 attendees from over 160 countries annually since 2009. It features prominent speakers such as the President of Global Affairs at Meta, the Commissioner for Justice at the European Commission, the Head of Digital at the Financial Times, the VP at Amazon Artificial General Intelligence, the Co-founder & CEO at Tezos, and many other notable figures.

The event tackles important questions like: Can GenAI transform marketing and advertising? Is fintech a positive force? How can we protect the open and interconnected web that has reshaped our world? If you’re eager to find comprehensive answers to these questions, take a look at the full schedule and secure your conference ticket.

The speakers will explore the intersection of technology and creativity, delve into the dynamic fusion of Web3 technologies and identity paradigms, investigate trust-building in the digital age, and uncover how AI is reshaping business growth.

Web Summit offers a diverse blend of both highly technical and non-technical topics. It’s not just a gathering of business experts; you’ll also encounter government officials, authors, athletes, actors, musicians, influencers, and people from all walks of life. The event takes place at the Altice Arena, a spacious indoor venue in Lisbon, Portugal.


  • From €1095 for general attendees (around $1170)
  • From €4095 for executives (around $4370)

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Build Stuff, November 15-17, Vilnius, Lithuania, hybrid

Build Stuff is a technology festival catering to software developers, team leads, CTOs, academics, and product owners, both in-person at Radisson Blu Hotel and online. Renowned experts from innovative companies like Google, Microsoft, Meta, and GitHub are among the featured speakers.

The event offers a rich program comprising over 100 sessions, keynotes, workshops, and hands-on labs. International speakers will delve into a wide range of topics, including cloud and serverless infrastructure, DevOps practices, programming methodologies and tools, UX/UI design, IoT, coding practices, privacy, and data security, among others.

At Build Stuff, one can hear a short history of programming languages. Delegates will gain insights into prompt engineering for app integration, radical simplification of app development, decentralized app creation, and the intricacies of hacking. By the end of the event, participants will have a solid understanding of workflow as code, the concepts of REST, GraphQL, and gRPC, and an introduction to threat modeling.

As a Ukraine-based company, we’re excited to see a Ukrainian representative at this conference. Mariana Bandrovska will delve deep into the impact of the war crisis on Ukrainian IT companies, shedding light on how they manage to strike a balance between adaptability and resilience in the face of the challenges posed by the ongoing conflict.


  • Free online networking ticket
  • From €380 for in-person attendees (around $405)

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DevTernity, December 7-8, virtual

DevTernity is an online tech event designed to help IT specialists enhance their skills in coding, architecture, engineering practices, and tech leadership. The lineup of speakers includes the creator of Ruby on Rails, a principal architect at Microsoft, the originator of BDD, and a staff developer advocate at Google, among others.

Registered users will have exclusive access to DevTernity talks, discussions, and practical masterclasses. The speakers will showcase how teams at Atlassian and other tech firms tackled development challenges and innovated their work processes to get the job done. They will provide a new perspective on Lean principles and practices, along with various strategies for decomposing an existing system into microservices.

In virtual masterclasses led by top experts, you’ll learn how to incorporate DDD into your software development, transform product vision into architecture, write code that’s type-safe and easy to maintain, and steer clear of common pitfalls when designing backend and service architectures. Non-technical masterclasses will boost your interpersonal skills, covering motivation, conflict resolution, and consensus-building techniques.

The recordings of all main day sessions will be made available to attendees within 48 hours. Please note that masterclasses will not be recorded, so make the most of the live stream experience. The number of tickets is limited – don’t wait too long, as your spot might be taken.


  • From €399 + VAT, conference-only pass (around $430)

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Stand With Ukraine

The Ukrainian tech industry has not only survived but has adapted and grown, demonstrating incredible resilience and determination. Ukrainian IT companies are actively supporting civilians in conflict zones and recently liberated areas by contributing to humanitarian aid and military initiatives.

At Redwerk, our team has overcome the physical challenges posed by wartime conditions and swiftly transitioned to flexible remote work arrangements. In response to this new reality, we continue to operate remotely, generate income, and welcome new team members.

If you’re looking for a way to support the Ukrainian economy while boosting your own revenue, consider partnering with an IT vendor from Ukraine. You’ll benefit from the expertise of highly skilled professionals fluent in English, and in doing so, contribute more resources to support the Ukrainian economy during these challenging times.

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