This May Redwerk team took our favorite pet SpamHound to Canada for another Collision conference round and, oh it went so well!

Though the reported capacity of the event remained the same – 25 000 attendees, Toronto’s gathering looked much busier than the one last year. Toronto is the biggest city in Canada with over 3 million people. It’s home to 400 000 tech specialists and over 18 000 IT companies. No wonder, Collision conference went sold out early.

The other thing we noticed immediately was the very few Ukrainians and even less software development outsourcing companies at the event, which is unusual for this kind of gathering. We even listed offshore dev companies among our 15 types of conference attendees infographics.

On the other hand, we met a lot of Canadian Ukrainians, working in local Toronto companies and learned a lot about IT in Canada due to them.

Redwerk team is going for a Guinness record

For meetings attended during the conference, of course. With 10-15 appointments a day per each, it was a little harsh to follow the conference speeches, but we still managed to attend the opening ceremony and some key speakers along the way.

But let’s check who we actually met:

Tag friends who look like this #Toronto #streetart.

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As I keep saying, we’re always surrounded by friends we haven’t met yet. Four days at #CollisionConf networking and meeting new people, some of which may later become friends, customers or partners, was a great experience. Yet there are friends I’ve been knowing for many years who moved to #Canada and who I haven’t had the occasion to see in many years. Last time I saw Mike back in 2003, about 16 years ago. We had great time hanging out together in #Chisinau, Moldova where he is from. I also couldn’t help introducing him to another old friend Serghei, who turned out to be his neighbor, as they live in the same area near #Toronto. You guys take it from there, and please come to Europe and Ukraine more often.

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@collisionconfhq gives you everything you may desire: knowledge, #experience, possibility to listen to well-known #speakers, and enjoy the beauty of #Toronto. However, among the main advantages, it is also a constantly growing #network after each event. Redwerk team had more than 50 meetings scheduled.
We want to tell you about the interesting people @thekonst, and @uvallie met during the #conference. Hence, we’re launching a set of posts dedicated to #Redwerkteam adventures and people they met. Stay tuned!?
Konstantin met @bruno.justi from #LosAngeles. He is doing what sounds right for the capital of entertainment, home to #Hollywood and lots of music labels. His product @beemyears is a crowdsourced reviews platform for musicians who can now get feedback from their listeners and attract attention from industry leaders like production studios looking for music for videos and movies.

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We continue the set of posts about #CollisionConf.
@uvallie had a quick talk with Mohsen, a CEO & President at OPTT from #Toronto. He is a Ph.D. and passionate about #technology and its use to make life better for all others. His goal is to utilize his wide-ranging expertise in #medicine, #neurology, and #consumerelectronics and #applications to design tools for improving mental and brain health through society.
OPTT is a local Canadian, University-born/research-based company that has created an asynchronous online platform for delivering psychotherapy. OPTT equips mental health providers with the content and infrastructure to securely deliver clinically validated cognitive behavioral therapy to their patients, online.

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Who we met

Unlike many other conferences, Collision doesn’t separate startups by industry. You would meet representatives of the large variety of different industries, as well as individual experts in different fields of expertise! This adds an incredible element of adventure to find someone really meaningful you haven’t ever expected to find!

  • – Collaborative marketing platform that helps small businesses connect with an online community that will exponentially increase their business’​ online exposure.
  • – Innovative music research and music business platform.
  • Eddy travels – AI travel assistant in your favorite chat app: Messenger, Telegram, Viber, and Slack.
  • Boson Innovations – Smart Medical Application of Image Recognition.
  • Jackfruit Systems Inc. – Blockchain platform for trucking to enable Driver as a Service.
  • VoteOurVoice – Non-partisan voting tool that lets voters make informed decisions about the politicians they plan to vote for.
  • FanMetrix – A platform built to involve sports fans by capturing their opinions and feelings, transforming them into comprehensive and credible metrics in order to influence teams.
  • Zing – A platform for revolutionary management of part-time work.
  • Boozer Delivery – Alcohol delivery marketplace.
  • ChezDine – A platform that connects people who like to cook with people who like to eat.
  • Nex-Tech – Telecommunications company.
  • Mass Mobile Apps – DIY Mobile App building platform designed to deliver results.
  • FuturaEra Technologies – Technology advisory and consulting agency.
  • Formidable – Engineering consultancy and open source software organization.
  • XLR8Solutions – Secure Edge AI platform for billions of IOT devices so that product innovators could provide real-time AI anywhere.
  • Dwellcome – Onboarding platform for welcoming residents when they move into their new home.
  • Citify Mobile – Real estate search technology.
  • SalesChoice Inc. – Artificial Intelligence, Cognitive Sciences and Advanced Predictive and Prescriptive Analytics company.
  • AgoRa – Augmented reality platform that fosters students’​ curiosity to explore and learn from the world around them.
  • eQuo – Community platform for entrepreneurs, innovators, students, teachers, institutions, and companies.
  • COOSHA calendar – Calendar app with flexible sharing capabilities.
  • Healthy Dining App – Mobile app that allows individuals interested in embarking a healthier lifestyle connect for dining and networking purposes.
  • Palomino Inc. – Software development and web application management services.
  • ColorShadow Communications – Software development company.
  • OnePitch – SaaS platform which uses algorithms and machine learning to connect journalists with the most relevant industry sources and brands.
  • GOAT Generation – An industry disruptor mobile APP that revolutionizes the way communities reduce food waste through food sharing with a unique business model.
  • Qathena – Digital platform, tailored for North America that allows independent businesses to provide world class diner controlled experiences.
  • Quick Balance – Mobile application that will allow people to identify the foods they don’t digest well, helping them avoid ailments, suffering, and acquiring chronic diseases, all through the power of AI and ML.
  • TenzorAI – TenzorAI products are fine-tuned to the individual needs of a broad spectrum of corporate users and across the entire supply chain finance ecosystem, including buyers, financiers, and suppliers.
  • Assister.Ai – AI-powered assistant learns from developers to help them with their everyday tasks. aims to take business requirements in form of natural language and transform them into software systems.
  • Seam Technic – Mobile application tool for digital connection between trusted contacts, connecting users through personal safety IoT platform.
  • Trendigo – Payment app that instantly rewards you while supporting merchants in your neighborhood.
  • Writi – Writi excels innovative products via proven IOT, AI, and Blockchain to improve patient care and pharmacy coordination through technology.
  • NameTrusted Wizard Inc. – Web platform where users book their personal care services with trusted local service providers to save money, time, make a profit,and build one’s network.
  • Wetime – Social platform that engages couples and families with kids to meet each other and spend quality time together.
  • OPTT Inc. – Modern Digital Mental Health Platform with the Human Touch.
  • Shopii – Web-based, white label application that builds meal-planning into your company’s existing e-commerce marketplace.
  • Shmapp. Social Marketing LTD – Ararat Works company is offering technical and developmental services (both web and mobile), ensuring fast and easy web development.
  • Shomer – An app that matches people who need storage with people who have spare space at their home or business.
  • FXER – Borderless exchange platform with integrated future technologies, transparency, and without competition.
  • Hello Birdie – The most advanced data-driven mobile technology for golfers providing the ability to adjust the best personalised gameplan on any course in the world.

It was such a pleasure to meet every one of you guys, and we hope for productive cooperation in the future!

The Night is Dark and Full of Bars

Paddy Cosgrave’s events are known for their relaxed booze-induced after-dark networking. And though, Canadian weather is not a good choice for outdoor activities, Collision kept with the tradition of Night Summit events and offered to discover Toronto’s most popular drinking destinations onwards.

From King Street bars to Liberty Village breweries, every space had a local welcome drink to catch the vibe and a line to get in 🙂

“What do we say to Collision?”

“See you next year in Toronto!”