If you are just getting started or already work in the IT sphere, you most probably already have a list of your favorite related podcasts. If you don’t, you are missing out! And as a web development company, we can’t let that happen. So that you don’t have to dig through a huge amount of options out there, we have done the job for you. We shortcutted this list to the best programming podcasts you will most likely enjoy listening to for learning, entertainment, and inspiration.

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Coding Blocks

It’s one of the best coding podcasts that is famous among web developers as a great way of enlarging the knowledge base in programming. It will be equally interesting for both beginners and experienced developers. Now, the platform has a series of episodes called The Pragmatic Programmer, which is focused more on thinking than on coding itself. If you are looking for an investment in your knowledge portfolio, this podcast is for you.

Shop Talk Show

This podcast is a combination of everything! It’s about development, particular tools, and design. Step in now because the podcast is already close to 400 episodes, one hour each. But you won’t regret spending your time on it. You will find out more about CSS, design, customer experience, and more. Besides, the hosts arrange “rapid fire” episodes where you will be able to ask questions. Our iOS developer Sergey loved listening to it when working on our SpamHound app.


This one is great for beginners who want to learn cs fundamentals. The episodes are basically computer science lessons produced by CodeNewbie.

For those who are looking for more tech podcasts…

Full Stack Radio

This podcast is for those who are in search for some great podcasts on Laravel, Vue, and Web Design. Each episode is a discussion of various topics from design to testing. If you are looking for an all-in-one full stack tech podcast, this one’s for you.

Talk Python To Me

This one is recommended by our Python developer Andrey. The name of the show speaks for itself. This one is all about Python and a variety of Python-related topics like AngularJS or DevOps. The episodes are basically 45 minutes long conversations of the host Michael Kennedy with industry experts.

Real Talk JavaScript

This weekly podcast is JavaScript and Web development stories where you can learn how to tackle the challenges web developers are facing. Expert guests of this JavaScript podcast share their experience solving particular issues while working on developing real Web applications.

Front End Happy Hour

This front end podcast is basically the weekly news on tools and libraries that appeared in the web development world most recently. If you are a web developer and want to stay on track, don’t pass by this one. Besides, it’s one of the favorites of our front-end developer Yaroslav who has created front-end from the ground-up for Quandoo project.


This one covers the JS ecosystem, web applications, jQuery, frameworks, libraries, and the latest technologies. Thanks to the experience of running online courses, the hosts have no issues with breaking down topics of various complexity, explaining and giving examples based on their experiences. The episodes are one hour long and incredibly entertaining releases you can enjoy every week.

React Podcast

This podcast by Changelog is a must-hear if you want to know everything that is related to React ecosystem. Besides, the host manages to get some impressive guests on the show. Check it out!

JS Party

This is another great one by Changelog. Our Java developer Alexander believes that it provides a good variety of opinions as the hosts invite experienced developers of the JavaScript community. The episodes come out every week and are one hour long.

For those who are looking for more developer life/career podcasts…

Developer Tea

This one is focused on the theory rather than coding. It may help you learn about gratitude, productivity, and cognitive bias. The episodes are usually 10 minutes long, but it’s enough for the host to give some insights, ideas, and quality resources on different issues related to a programmer’s career development. Our team lead Dmitry enjoys listening to it for inspiration while having his morning coffee.


Each episode of this podcast is a conversation with a highly experienced and skillful software engineer that is meant to give you an honest insight into the career paths of a developer. Of course, the most valuable part of those episodes is the advice the guests give to the beginners that are listening.

This Developer’s Life

This podcast is another insight into the developer’s life. It’s great for those who want to get into the web development world and are eager to find out how it will influence their life.

Cutting Edge: Web Content Development

This podcast perfectly fits founders, CEOs, CTOs, and CMOs of web content development companies. Looking to deepen your knowledge about CMS systems and understand their role in website and web content development? This podcast will help you learn the secrets behind successful website management, content creation, and seamless user experiences. From platform migration without SEO mishaps, multilingual SEO, and the benefits of headless CMS to content strategy, successful web design practices, and customer journey, Cutting Edge covers everything to help businesses thrive in the digital age.

What are your favorite podcasts? Share in the comments!