Best Web Development Frameworks of 2019

Web development trends have evolved over the years. The tools, techniques, and languages that were used a decade ago are no more popular now. And, same is the case with the web development frameworks too.

With so many options available, developers face the dilemma of choosing the right web development framework for their project.

Selecting the best web development framework is a very time consuming and complicated task, particularly because not all the available options match your requirements.

But, every project comes with a deadline. And, making the wrong choice can be very costly on the developers’ time and resources. So, developers mostly rely on the experiences of others.

Here are the web development frameworks preferred by the top web development companies.

Angular is a front-end web development framework supported by Google. It will not be an exaggeration if I say that it is one of the best JavaScript frameworks available.

You can use Angular to build complete client-side applications. But, it is incredibly famous for single-page application development.

The web development trends are graduating towards progressive applications. Angular is widely used to build progressive web applications and native applications.

Angular allows two-way data binding. So, with every change in the data in the model, the view also changes. This sync in model and view reduces development time. This makes Angular the right choice for building complex projects.

Rails is a back-end MVC framework that requires no introduction. Right from the new to the experienced web developers, all are aware of the qualities of Rails that make it the preferred framework for web development.

There is a vast and experienced community of Rails developers available for help and support.

And, there is no scarcity of web development tools with Rails.

If you are still doubtful about the potential of Rails, why not have a look at the list of popular websites using Ruby on Rails!

Django, a full-stack Python development framework is a widely used MVT framework. It comes with all the advantages of an open-source framework.

Django is also a highly secure web development framework. It facilitates creating cross-platform applications to run on different operating systems such as Linux, Windows, and Mac.

Compared to other frameworks, Django is highly customizable.

Well, this is not all! The most amazing feature of Django is ready to use Django batteries, which are packages available for import such as templates, user authentication, sessions, forms, syndication, testing, sitemaps, admin, and messages. So, you need not write separate and complex codes for these commonly used functions. It has a library for reusable apps and tools.


Laravel is an open-source, back-end PHP framework. It follows MVC architecture which aids in building high-performance, efficient apps.

Out of the many advantages of using the Laravel framework, the one that deserves a special mention is its Blade Templating Engine feature.

Laravel Blade Templating makes it possible for the developers to use predefined templates for coding. This makes the code lighter, and development is less time-consuming.

Security is a serious concern for all app developers. No matter how much time and effort you have put in making that high-functionality app, it is useless if it is not secure.

Security is another significant benefit of Laravel. Right from SQL injections for secure coding to excellent authentication management, Laravel has it all!

Laravel also provides reliable routing. And, error handling is easy.

Localization is the key to any successful business. Everyone wants to make customer-centric applications. And, the localization trend is gradually extending to multilingual apps that can be used across the world with equal ease. Laravel tops among the frameworks for building multilingual apps.

Ember is one of the best JavaScript frameworks. The top benefit of Ember is its two-way data binding functionality.

Versioning is a crucial concern for developers. But, with Ember, you don’t need to worry! Ember has advanced version management functionality too.

Ember is best suited for creating complicated apps. No wonder, it is used by the big and famous such as Netflix and Google.

Express is another top web development framework that the developers should not ignore if they want a robust API. You heard it right! Due to various HTTP utility methods, Express is a trending name in developing a robust API.

Express is a cross-platform web development platform. It has enormous community support. Moreover, it is well documented, and so the developers do not have to struggle around for help and support.

MeteorJS is the solution if you are looking for the best open-source web development framework for single-page applications. It is a full-stack JavaScript framework.

MeteorJS is popular for its isomorphic characteristics; it allows you to run JavaScript on both client, and server-side.

Moreover, when using MeteorJS framework, the developers can use JavaScript for implementing the frontend, backend, and the database. This helps to build functional applications in very less time and eases the burden of learning different languages for different modules of the project.

The Distributed Data Protocol (DDP) facilitates easy synchronization between client and server database changes. For this, it uses the publish-subscribe methodology! This, obviously, can be the biggest incentive for using MeteorJS for building real-time applications.

And, the most significant advantage for the developers is the flexibility that they can use any frontend library such as React, Blaze, or Angular.

No, this is not all. You can also use MeteorJS for converting your web apps to mobile apps, with ease!

To Summarize

Various frameworks are available for web development. It becomes difficult for developers to select the best web development framework.

The first thing to consider is your requirements. If you are using a framework and are happy with it, there is no need to switch over as far as it is solving your purpose.

But, if you are not satisfied with the web development framework that you are using, it becomes essential to research well before selecting one.